A Global Brand Born From Turkey. AFS FLEXIBLE DUCT Co. is the leading manufacturer of HVAC products in Turkey for over 20 years and has become a reliable name in the HVAC market. AFS produces and markets many products in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning sector with state-of-the-art technology. Since 1991, many products have been improved and introduced by AFS to the HVAC market. AFS has committed itself to providing the highest quality ventilation products, as well as constant excellent services, and the most effective solutions for the HVAC market. Working with the motto, “Motivation for Ventilation”, the corporation supplies Flexible Air Ducts, Air Disc Valves, Grills, Diffusers, HVAC Accessories, Fans, Air Curtains, Heat Recovery Units and many more registered and internationally certified products. Over 80% of the high quality production of the company is being sent to over 60 countries around the globe and AFS is very proud of its success. With an efficient customer service, we work with passion, aiming to extend the market throughout the world and striving for ideal solutions to increase indoor air quality in public recreation areas. As a corporation that is concerned with the environment, AFS is the first company in Turkey to produce Green Flexible Air Ducts with low emission values and has certified this achievement with international bodies. AFS focuses on the improvement of the indoor air environment with safe and durable products; all these operations are carried out with due regard for the environment and social responsibility. Throughout these operations, AFS consistently aims to minimize waste and responsibly use natural resources, thereby reducing our impact on the environment. We are still investing in learning, constantly increasing “quality” and the development of our team, core values of our consistent growth.

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